smoked sea bass

Craving for that authentic taste of a roasted mullet in sea salt complimented by the stingy spicy fish sauce with lemon of Phuket, Thailand? How about the sweetest mango shake you’ve ever tasted in Boracay, Philippines? Grand Avenue Thai Cafe is the place that could give you these plus more! Smoked prawns, rich curry, pineapple rice. The good news is, you don’t have to leave Hong Kong at all.

smoked sea bass


Tsuen Wan holds great shopping malls and Citywalk is one of them that I personally love. While holding exquisite brands for clothes and cute restaus, Grand Avenue Thai Cafe is located at the ground floor near the mall entrance. Follow the map below to guide you at its exact location of: Shop G23, G/F, Citywalk 1, 1 Yeung Uk Road. Coming from Tsuen Wan West MTR, take exit A1 or D to reach the place.


The tropical feel of each viand my husband and I ordered at Grand Avenue Thai Cafe truly makes teleportation possible. Because of the distinct flavours that made us remember memorable vacation spots, we grew fond of this restaurant in an instant. Here’s some of the staple foods that we ordered:

Grand Thai Cafe grilled shrimp
Baked Tiger Prawns paired with Chilli Fish Sauce

My husband love these bad boys cooked and coated with that charcoal flavour. The pepper it got is not enough that dipping it occasionally to the chilli fish sauce makes absolute perfect sense. The serving could pass for an appetizer for two and it was salted just right.

roasted chicken, springhouse chicken
Roasted Chicken (Pattaya Style)

This roasted chicken came chopped and proud. Coming in full serving (full chicken), it was juicy and steaming hot as it approached our table. Its Pattaya flavour of sweet and salty made me crave for our pineapple rice for a soothing balance for my palate. But the sting from the sauce that I went for which was, jackpot! the chilli fish sauce awoke my senses as soon as it gets soothed. And then I reach for the Mango Shake that eases the wonderful tension brought about by all these magnificent flavours.

Mango Smoothie

One gulp of this beauty would make your tongue rested and numb to a solicited reset from the explosion of flavours from each viand. Besides the Pineapple rice we had for a filler, we ended our dinner with Thai Mullet Roasted With Salt. And we got hooked.

Kyte at Grand Thai Avenue


From its location, it was accessible to me and my family fairly, 5-8 minutes walk from our bus shuttle drop off. Getting in gave us a fair chance of choosing where we want to be seated because it was big enough that even when peak hours happen, accommodation remain welcoming and warm.

The manager himself tends to us and was the one who controlled us from impulsive ordering brought by the biggest menu list I’ve ever held. It’s like reading newspaper! I thought that was a brilliant idea because their foods were presented nice and neat. Illustrations were more than inviting. They were actually mesmerizing. And for the record, the food came as how they looked in the menu. That means a lot to me.

Their restaurant opens from 7:00am-10:00pm. Budget that you may allocate starts from HK$51-HK$100 with no limited range. They accept only Visa, MasterCard and Cash as for payment options. If you want to assure a reservation, you can call 2403-1033. 

Unfortunately, the restaurant favours familial dining over social networks that it doesn’t make WiFi available for their customers. That’s why they don’t impose that 10% customer service either.

To close this review, I’d like to feature one of their staff, whose name I should’ve remembered because I thought she way very good. She presented our roasted mullet quite favorably, clearing off the skin packed with rock salt to show the meat of the fish perfectly separated and carved. This website presents the process on how to carve and serve basic roasted fish but this woman did it with finesse!


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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