Being a parent and an educator opened me to having a clearer perspective that each child, being them sponges, have different ways of learning. Because of the vast offerings of the internet and the fast ways of learning so many things from it, creativity is stretched to a higher scale. And this had allowed so many creative schools to sprout and I had come across the newest out there called PlayTent.

PlayTent had just offered their Open Day today and the next one is on Saturday, January 14. Their school basically offers Mandarin classes, cooking classes, dance classes, storytelling and my most favourite of all, messy play times. Basically, courses that best suit what you’re looking for to enhance your child’s dedication to education. 

Their programs include the following age groups with the corresponding courses:


Not only kids would learn but in each course, they are meant to have fun, they are meant to build self-confidence after each task and most of all, they are encouraged to form camaraderie with classmates and teachers. They would look forward to each class because they are formed to cater to their language which is play.

So come and join the fun. Give your child a learning experience that suits their young age without neglecting the importance of discovery, music and independence.

In PlayTent, they are allowed to be themselves in using their artistic skills in an assisted way. Professional chefs, choreographers, educators and teachers aid their fundamental upbringing with an after school adventure. In collaboration with Net’s Kitchen and Sky Dance Avenue Hong Kong, which are both owned by colleagues turned friends, I highly recommend PlayTent.

For schedules of classes and more details, do check out their website at: See you all there!

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