The COVID-19 frontliners alongside government officials, WHO, and the entire world is in a war. It is with none other than the fastly spreading disease that originated from Wuhan, China. Now a pandemic, this awful coronavirus had taken thousands of lives in just 3 months.

While all of us are expected to be doing our roles in controlling it before it’s too late, stepping out of our normal lives takes more than an effort. Social distancing, travel bans, and working from home had forced everybody to adjust tremendously. How do you let time pass? How can you keep your productivity intact? And most of all how can you help? Andrew Ferraris felt creative and so he created a tribute for the COVID-19 frontliners through the gift of dance.

Trinity also observes social isolation. This helps flatten out the curve as medical experts use the time to work on keeping infection at a minimum. And if possible, to eradicate it.

The world embraces a new normal since the COVID-19 had been a pandemic last March 11, 2020.

But another dilemma, as the people cope up with the interventions each government is asking every nation, rises. They start to feel bored, useless, and stagnant. And this need for self-achievement did not resonate as strong before since people were always too busy to think hard about it. And now, reassessing what our lives had actually achieved so far, there’s nothing much that we can do as because we are expected to stay inside the house.

But somehow, Andrew Ferraris, one of the mentors of Whiplash Dance Troupe was able to able to come up with something fun. He called the former and current members, from all over the world, to send a snippet of themselves dancing. And it’s more than a privilege to be a part of this as how I had the ability to emphasize how I am proud to have been a product as I wrote learned in 5 Lessons I Learned Being in Whiplash, Inc.

While it aims to support the frontliners, it strongly urges everybody to spread positivity and to inspire those who may be bored to create something. Whether it’s to write a book, make online contents, or learning a new language, your potential is limitless. Take the plunge and for sure, you’ll feel a lot better as you accomplish something. Now, I’m going to leave you the link to the video that was a tribute for the COVID-19 frontliners here. Feel free to share this with your family and friends. And to whoever you know that is bravely battling out there in handling COVID-19.

Let’s dance!

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