Every year, the United States patents increasing number of inventions. I was researching as how many inventions are made every year but I came across a tallied data for the registered ones only. And this registration greatly depends on a product’s uniqueness and usefulness. So many products got duplicated and so, right then there, it got disregarded. However, the progressive figures of those that get granted of patents simply mean that people are increasingly creative probably due to the raging technology we have in our hands.

But let me tell you this, one quality of a good entrepreneur, specifically, the investor, is to seek the best opportunity for his or her business to grow. He would know the right product, the right timing to launch it or buy it and lastly, he would know the calculated risk he’s taking.

Now I have shared the step by step guide in knowing if you’re financially healthy from and if you have paid close attention, you might be rolling your eyes now that I agreed with the Step 0. Yes, you read it right, not Step 1, but Step 0 of giving out first before you receive. Now, the million dollar question is always this: “How can a poor man give if he doesn’t have anything to give?” Well, here’s the thing, there’s not just money. There’s service, time, helping hand and support. Now these innovations may need your support one way or another. For a few minutes, read the following pretending that you have a million-dollar ability to invest, practice your skill of choosing the best product since none of these aren’t out in the market yet. Let’s pretend that your say means their invention/innovation getting out in the market!

PEBBY, your pet companion!

Now, pets may limit their owners from traveling, enjoying themselves while out or spending a day outdoors alone. If they would need to plan a holiday, the pets are much of a consideration, both to take and to leave, specifically your K-9’s! So you leave them to a pet sitter allowing total detachment to take over. A few hours you’re gone, you miss them, then you feel guilty, then you get worried because you’re totally clueless of how the sitter is going about the routines your pet got used to from the beginning.

Well, don’t fret because Pebby is here. It’s an electronic toy ball basically that could act both as a companion and a playmate for your pet while you’re gone. Here’s an insightful video of how this great innovation actually works!

Now you don’t have to miss anything that your pet is up to because of Pebby. Its beauty lies on its accessibility via your smartphone and we all know what that means, a 24/7 access! If you think that it works like a stale camera, check this out! It has an integrated 720 pixel wide-angle camera and a two-way radio in which you can interact with your dog at the same time you see it on camera. Moreover, a laser, flashing LEDs and the device’s speaker can give your 4-legged loved ones a full-on disco experience!

And wait, there’s more!!!

When your cat, dog or cutie little pink pig starts to play with Pebby, it alerts you through your smart phone so it’s another way to stay in touch with your pet.

The smart pet-sitter also comes with a smart collar which also keeps an eye on your Best Friend’s fitness and well-being by detecting vital stats.

The current asking price is $124 for a limited time, before rising to $248. But isn’t it worth it, just to be a better pet owner? If you think so but still not convinced, you can read about it and a lot more of projects that you could back up at

A giveaway idea too would be: If you have a project in mind and you need to be backed up one way or another, you can pitch it to:!

SWAPBOTS: Augmented Reality Toys for Creative Play

I’ve always been a gamer when I was young. I still remember how much I would do anything just to have an extra playing hour of family computers. But there’s one thing that my mom always  told me. Every time I would beg for another hour, she would say, “You are wasting your time in playing these games when you should be thinking of great ideas for our business!” We had a realty corporation back then. Fast forward, it didn’t last because nobody among my sisters and I were into it. Finishing school, we all ended up as bachelors. But only our eldest sister is practicing her chosen career up until now.

And boom! Nowadays, almost all businesses are online. From the family computers, to play stations, to the laptops and now, androids, it’s undeniable that technology marks this generation’s progress. Once, I’ve come across the era of the non-computer generation, to be 1981 down and the computer generation to be 1983 up. Where does 1982 (when I was born) belong? (Yes, I know, you calculated my age and you calculated it right, hahaha!) Nowhere. It’s because it was the transition phase! It can adapt to both the non-computer generation to where our technological society is now. We are the most adaptive group since the transition started around that time.

Trivia: The original MAC team was actually put together in 1984.

George Crow, Joanna Hoffman, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, and Jerry Manock
Source: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

That being said, I feel like all of us have an innate calling to create. Everywhere we get exposed to, gives us a sense of learning to feed such creativity. Once, I got hooked so much to Resident Evil, that I wanted to pursue a career in it. I ended up writing because I’ve spent so much time learning the internet that I owed its hailers informative substance. And here I am, I write!

My point is, here’s an innovation that allows physical and digital play to be shared between parents and kids. This allows creativity to flow full on! You don’t need to leave your kids alone in enjoying creativity as this actually engages your creativity as well and it enhances bonding at the end of the day.

Now, as a parent, I am always after the benefits of the game for my kid. It’s undeniable that they will all be about technology, internet and smartphones but it’s important for me to lead my daughter to its proper usage. With problem solving, engagement to physical play, affordability, digital learning, and enhancement of imagination, I go for this virtual game!

With the context on how to play the game and how to support this innovation or even interested to buy, you can click on this link

SNAPMAKER: The All-Metal 3D Printer

My utmost favourite is this motherf@#$er! I am always a fan of imagination coming to life. And this one is the living proof.

Mickey Mouse was just Walt Disney’s imagination and his team’s. Now, there are 11 Disneyland Parks all over the world. The 12th just opened last year, in China!

Now, the first time I heard of a 3D printer was in the series called, “Grey’s Anatomy” where they had to study a 3D prototype of the brain skull. Critical surgery had to be made and since it involves the brain, they allowed zero percentage for error. So, they printed out a skull model out. They also did a prostethic conduit from it and actually used it in the operations. I was so surprised that this kind of innovation was actually real upon seeing this all-metal 3D printer! 
If it doesn’t reach its goal funding by April 28, 2017, it’s going to fall on either all-or-nothing deal. Imagine how it would help an economy once it gets out in the market, it could help a lot of people to manufacture and create more efficient digital prototypes, it can scale up the learning in the medical field by providing them with detailed models and even produce exquisitely designed furniture. The potential of this innovation is massive! Be a part of its release and you will pave the way to further better inventions!

Watch out for more creations that yourself may benefit from later on. If you feel like helping out when you have extra monetary resource to give, you might be interested on other projects at This is where the first inventions are introduced.

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