A takeaway from this pandemic is knowing how we could all get creative. Businesses had to thrive through an online performance because of the social distancing measures enforced to flatten the curve. Knowing what makes a good website though makes it crucial as consumerism goes mobile. 

Where’s your mobile phone right now? It couldn’t be anywhere farther than an arm’s length I bet. You might be even reading this from it.

As you go to work, ride the train, line up for breakfast, you would see people looking down at it, one way or another. Whether it is to read a newspaper, pay bills, order food, check the bus schedule, or sign contracts, the social culture had transcended into online platforms and engagement to mobile phones had increased tremendously.

Marketing people and those that are in business administration see this alarming change. Not long after, social media advertising and digital marketing took their place in business. Advertisers had shifted into content creation, investing more in storytelling to set a continuous engagement from the prospect consumers. With the hope to increase sales through the organic following, data gathering and analysis became the basis of every ad that gets out there into the accounts of people discreetly. While many of these mobile users think, they are playing a game or keeping social accounts active for connection purposes alone, there is that continuous ad, playing in between, continuously encouraging you to click.

As somebody influential, or a brand that aims to establish an organic reach of their own, one may ask how can this be done.

A study by Microsoft recorded a sharp decrease from the usual 12-second attention (2018) span to 8 seconds (2020). An elevator pitch may just be equivalent to this. So, you might ask, how can I empower my website to catch somebody’s attention with my product? Is it enough to just post a huge picture of the brand’s face or product? Then, write a little something about what it does and what kind of service it gives? Well, no. Perhaps, this is no good news that is why you’re interested in this post.

Between how a message is delivered through that photo, or how that content had hit the I-need-to-have-that nerve, it still a play on how easy the interface can get one to access the product. In short, it’s how that call-to-action button serves everybody’s right.

To say that the pandemic had posed challenges to everybody is too shallow. Nowadays, businesses had reached their limits they would do everything to stay afloat. Many people lost their jobs and since being at home gives one that much time to spare on just about anything, blog channels, influencers, and freelancers started to reign.

The question goes, Is it possible to generate enough income to survive through the internet? Of course, but you have to realize that great expectations come with great efforts. You may need to establish yourself first in terms of quality work, experience, and flexibility. While those may be a little too complicated, there’s always helpful ways on how you could set yourself up slowly.

Begin with establishing your platform first. One of the most common is having your own website and here, we want to focus on the elements you may need to look at when creating your website. 


You can never go wrong with something simple and outright. Also, it makes a client or a consumer more comfortable when it gives them a consistent look. A consistent interface allows users to apply previous knowledge to new tasks. With an aim to simplify everything to lead your potential customers to the call-to-action button, consider what the distraction ads do. Go minimal with them. Also, be careful not to miss out on what you’re supposed to give out in the introduction. It should encompass what your website is about, and what would the reader or by-passer expect.


The hard truth is, you cannot please everybody. So, there’s more to just saying, “Be yourself!” You’re a working mom, whose job description includes being a Kindergarten teacher by day, and a ghostwriter of 600-word (minimum) articles/day at night. Your ability to function and multi-task efficiently are totally relatable. There are so many moms out there who face the same challenges. When it comes to juggling the different roles women do, it is gold when they get hold of ways on how they could handle it even more. As if they are not using their best yet when in fact, they have done more than enough.

So, the best website brings its readers any kind of benefit actually. Depending on the kind of person they are, whatever their passion may be, the most common topics people are generally interested in are time management, parenting, tutoring, and staying fit. So, just be truthful to your craft, write about significant changes, substantial information, and the realism of life. While there may be people who had similar challenges, following the same coping mechanisms, you are still writing down from your point of view and that makes it worth reading.

As for businesses, who are for-profit entirely, develop a systematic interface. One that a potential consumer could benefit greatly from with that much time they can save because you’re website is way advanced and user friendly.

Give out reasonable deals.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with selling, as long as there’s no manipulation or blackmail. If you see someone’s credit line ain’t doing well anymore, don’t push it. Maybe create a program that would put out more products that are on sale.

Discreetly program your platform into something lawful and ethically responsible for not putting somebody in too much debt or by making items that are on sale only, available for such personal assessment. Be a part of the solution in preventing addiction on their part by setting limits to products or price of their products to be able to make them feel they are still the navigator of their ship when it comes to consumerism.


Avail of a basic starter package. There are numerous cheap domain name suppliers, a server host, and software to use with some important plug-ins. But if getting this from different sources would end up burning you out, it’s not worth it. Dodge the stress that comes when you get to expand in the businesses of copywriting, designing, composition, ghostwriting, and many more by just going for a basic bundle. And if you do, don’t hesitate to pay a few more bucks to get you a business email.

for emphasis
Mark Zuckerberg had me at hello.

Nothing against these emails that end in @yahoo, @gmail, and @hotmail.com, but it would be great if your contact information consists of an email that has your domain name on it. Heck, put some attitude in it too, if you can stand by that. Check out these 10 Famous People & Their First Business Cards and try to feel what impact it gives you at first sight.

Also, it would be much better if you keep a personal opinion to yourself. Should there be a blog post about that, make sure it would not be too self-centred. If you are to publish it as the voice of a special community. Let’s say, your website is all corporate.

A post dedicated to juggling being one and being a mum could be an exemption. Or even a focal point of something that you could potentially make available as a product or service compensating this vent-out.

Just to make sure everything is under control, maintaining your website as the corporate go-to or whatnot, you could give a thing or two about how it becomes a struggle at the time, when juggling all expectations (being a good mum, being an employee, just to keep overall content organic. Other than that, don’t talk about something else when you’re supposed to be researching and delivering information about your chosen niche) You see that difference?

These are just a few of the basics that you need to look at. You might have an idea of your own, don’t hesitate to put it in the comments below.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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