This book is a sequel to The Girl From Munich

Have you turned your back to your home country to live in a new place? Have you turned your back to your roots as you build a new one? How many dreams have you suppressed down the drain to give way to a loved one’s own? And how many times have you followed your heart over your mind? Suitcase of Dreams is a book that encompasses it all.

Based on a true story about the aftermath of the war set in the 1950s-60s, Suitcase of Dreams, tells a story of a German family who decided to migrate to Australia. Lotte Drescher and her husband, Erich sacrificed everything that they had put up in Germany. They, along with many other German families were promised of employment, only to be criticized and seen differently in Australia. These and everything that they had endured makes this book so full of life. 

There is something about Tania Blanchard’s way of storytelling. The voice behind each character description, exchange of dialogues and impact of one-liner story curves… it sounded sad… and that’s what made it effective. One scene described somebody’s 3rd proposal to Lotte already — (I won’t be spoiling anything I promise)… that as time had passed, he still loves her after all. An event that is supposed to be celebrated somehow pinches the heart and that amazed me.

Perhaps it’s because of the reality Tania wants to sink into her readers. That all of the challenges that happened in this story had somehow happened to other couples as well. That, it’s just life.

To those who are holding book clubs, you might want to consider this for your next read. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. It was a page-turner alright. This 419 paged light read tells a story of uncertainty, dreams shattered and built, risk, passion and most of all, love.

I thank my husband for getting me this book. They really know what to get me.


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