The first book to read in Lani Wendt Young’s Scarlet Series.

From the writer of the young adult series, TELESA, here comes a new line up to enjoy. SCARLET LIES invades the adult chick flick novel category like no other. It features the brown, big and beautiful Miss Scarlet with her new adventures as a transformed woman. Coming home to Samoa, flying all the way from Las Vegas, she wonders how likely she can pull herself together in making the trip as smooth as possible.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? A fan of chick flick or is convinced that she needs one for a breather? Do you believe you are brown and beautiful? Do you blog? A plus-sized? That’s all a YES in understanding the kind of person Scarlet is and how this book serves as a proof of her existence in each of us femme fatale.

I have been following Lani and instantly became a fan since I got hold of the Telesa series. Her voice in all the works she wrote was undeniably empowering and funny. Moreover, her story sequencing is impressive. Not to mention, she’s a woman of color who strives to inspire many more brown women to embrace their passion for writing.


I just have the first book for now since chick flick is not really my thing. BUT!!!! For the record, I was not able to put down this book. It was beyond entertaining that I finished it in a matter of days. I am not going to write spoilers here. Just to back up the synopsis.

It’s about a plus-sized Samoan woman who was on her way back home to bring a dress for her perfect little sister’s wedding. Perfect –meaning she is a title holder of being Miss Samoa, she’s marrying the senator’s son and she is loved not only by their clan but the entire village.

For whatever reason she exiled herself to Vegas, it comes to haunt her down as everybody who remembers how she was before leaving Samoa learns she’s back. All of it rolled over her while she deals with a guy whom she encountered on her way home. Will he be giving balance to Scarlet’s dilemma by being her knight in shining armor? You’ll see once you get to read the whole thing.


Lani never fails to keep you at the edge of your seat at every ending of the chapter. I think every woman that will read this would be able to relate to Scarlet that makes you eager to read about her. How she keeps her private thoughts to herself, yet she voices it out anonymously; how she compares scenarios with food; and how she actually chooses how to live her life — are some of the traits that she encompasses that makes it so interesting to read.

I highly recommend this book to those looking for a breather from the usual romantic novels that is honed from tragedy. I’d say, this story is aligned to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bridget Jones’ Diary. I am yet to read the other two before I give the rating.

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