As a mom of two, I find Perfect Diary, a go-to when it comes to wanting a finish that would last hours.

While there are endless demands from us moms, from our children to our careers, there seems to be no excuse to not put up a presentable face even if it’s just a casual lunch-out or a parent-teacher meeting. Here’s an affordable addition to your stash. Check out the review of its performance via the link below.


It’s not much hype for me to do online shopping. I’d rather do it personally because I always want to be sure I’m getting my money’s worth. Somehow, now that I am juggling taking care of my family, work demands, and kids, online shopping becomes much preferred. As I share my experience, since I know many moms would rather know how a product performs before purchasing it, Perfect Diary didn’t disappoint.


US$34 for all that I had purchased, (which is less than HK$300) is an advantage to begin with. You would not expect that much from a brand that is not as strong as MAC or Shiseido at this price. But that’s the thing, Love doesn’t hurt expectations do. And so, these products exceeded my expectations indeed. Honestly, with this kind of performance, most especially the Perfect Slim liquid eyeliner, it will be at the top charts in no time.


I bought the Perfect Diary lipstick set, liquid eyeliner and smooth powder finish.

The packaging was stylishly dainty. It’s so pretty that putting it out instantly gives you that confidence you long for when chores get you buried. Jhoselyn Ramirez-Strait inspired this thought.

Those are what makes these products remarkable. Definitely, I’m going to stick with this eyeliner. Let me know what you think of the products or if you have any opposing experience.


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