Just as promised, I had put up this website to be able to give real information. And there’s no other way to end it except to share the last book I have finished this year called, “CRUSH IT!” My business partners had ogled on this book for a while and I must admit, altogether, we hail it as our entrepreneurial bible in putting up a small business.

This photo was taken at 3am. Unholy hour? Yes. Because this book awakens every living cell you’ve got with how huge your potential is if you only use your hours going online properly.

Just for anybody out there who’s planning to start any form of branding and business, you should get this book.



10 years of blogging launched I Value My Life to mark my passion for writing. It was a big leap to go independently with my self-hosted domain and invest on it already. It is quite inspiring to gain followers. With an aim to just document “Why I Value Life“, my writing skills had led me to rediscovering myself time and time again.

MAY, 2017

I have reached my 10th year living in Hong Kong. There were tremendous changes that happened in my life in the span of 10 years that if given the chance to change anything in it, I wouldn’t give up any damn thing. Because it honed me into who I am today. Each moment, each experience and each milestone is to be honoured without any shadow of a doubt that it led to a bigger picture.

JUNE, 2017

It is embarrassing to admit but saying it out loud is an achievement for me. This marks the time I become LOAN FREE from a huge blow with bad loans incurred from materialism. Undeniably, I was immature and uneducated upon incurring those loans and since financial education had made it clear to me how to get out of it, I was able to tick off that first step, get rid of any excess baggage!

JULY, 2017

Linda Miao Li and I at the Rise Ad-Tech Conference 2017

I have put up a contest that whoever gives out the best reason why they should come with me to the RISE Ad-tech conference 2017 will win. It was the best money I have ever spent because it felt that I belonged in there. Every thing that people said made sense. Every time I have spent was due of productivity. I was so empowered by this conference that it impregnated me with ideas that I will surely benefit from. I didn’t know it at that time yet what it was but just read away and you’ll see.

This time around too, I have met Miss Linda Miao Li and got hold of the business she does. Later on, much business ideas were talked about and I am looking forward to working with her, design wise.

AUGUST, 2017

Helped a friend hon his idea of a platform for his business. And started running it.


I embraced my DNA for writing with the help of a friend. I enrolled in an online writing course offered by the British College of Journalism. It was to be finished within 2 years but I know I was made for this so I managed to do it in a year which is yet again, another blessing that came with my passion. Earned a Media Pass for it and another check for what I wanted to which was to be credible for what I write.


We were able to win a bidding for the location for our commissary kitchen for our food business.


Website was launched for a test and that’s what’s cooking.


Sometimes, we think or we doubt the events that take place in our lives. We also get mad when what we pursue in the beginning doesn’t end up the way we imagined it would. But if you would really put it the way I had just now, it would all make sense. And I am one of the millions that actually did it. Do not be afraid to take a leap because usually, the door that we are always afraid of to open, is the door that could lead us to something we never thought we wanted from the beginning.

Learn when you have time. Connect as much as you can and most of all, experience if you need to. Even the obstacles that you get challenged with, these are bread crumbs that you thought were senseless. But when weaved all together, it will make sense. Trust me.

Be patient. – Gary Vaynerchuk


I wouldn’t want to spoil what’s in the book. But this snippet is the best thought I will take for the rest of my life.

If there’s any message I want you to take away, it’s that true success — financial, personal, and professional — lies above all in loving your family, working hard and living your passion. In telling your story. With your authenticity, hustle, and patience. In caring fiercely about the big and the small stuff. In valuing legacy over currency. Social media is an important part of it for now, but maybe it won’t always be. These concepts, however, are forever, no matter what the next business platform or social phenomenon turns out to be. – Gary Vaynerchuk, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller!

Crush it this new year’s guys!!!!!


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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  1. Khrista C.

    January 1, 2018 at 9:20pm

    I have been drafting on my year-ender post for days and now 2018 is upon me and I’ve yet to publish it. Of course, I need to refer to your blog and check out what you have to say, and this is exactly what was in my mind when I was still mentally drafting. What an inspirational post. Your 2018 sounds so exciting and promising, I cannot wait for everything to start unfolding for you. Way to go sissy! lol

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