#FabFindFriday has never been this good in listing unique party venues. It assures you of an experience worthy of the dollars you are about to spend. And most of all, you are assured of a fun time with your family and friends.A party is coming up. You and your friends find the same crowd in Lan Kwai Fong. Eventually, you get convinced that it’s the same old kind of partying.  Looking for something fresh and something Instagram worthy?

Taking some time off from your busy schedule to see your friends is a luxury and you don’t want the night to end the same way. Wasted, penniless and tired as hell. So here are solutions to such boredom.

    • LUSH SPA PARTYHow convenient it is that you get three splurges in one go? A catch up with friends, a spa party and a DIY lesson on how to make your  own LUSH products.I love how this party venue encourages its guests to wear oversized pyjamas. And there is no need to wear make-up also. It’s just a time to relax because the party package includes a half an hour customised body massage, a taste of two unique Lush Spa treatments and Lush palm reading. Meaning, the products that you may be making? You’ll end up using. A special person from the group who’s either celebrating her birthday or who is soon-to-be a bride can also enjoy an exclusive bath with Lush products!The liberty of no make up, heaven!


      1. BEAUTY SCHOOL – This is an in-depth consultation and learning skin care techniques that usually lasts an hour and a half. It is HK$375 per guest and HK$150 towards your favourite products.

      2. FUN AND GAMES – This is perfect for celebrating, playing games and having fun. Per guest is HK$295 and HK$70 towards your favourite product and it lasts for an hour and 30 minutes.

      3. HAPPY HOUR – This package can be tailored for larger groups looking for a unique party experience. HK$220 per guest will last you for an hour and you pay extra HK$70 towards your favourite products.

      Now, there is a certain kind that is called LUSH SPA PARTY, which you can enjoy:
      a. Tailor Made treatment
      b. Showcase of the Comforter? and The Sound Bath treatment
      c. Afternoon tea break
      d. And also Lush palm reading.

      A minimum of 4 people for the LUSH SPA party spa is needed to book a LUSH SPA PARTY, amounting to HK$800/person. You can also try making your own Lush products – either fresh face mask or face and body cleanser with just an extra HK$500 (for 8 guests maximum)! If there are more than 8 guests joining product making, we will charge an extra HK$50 per person for raw materials. Please contact LUSH staff for the availability of product making. If you can’t choose the product you want, the branch in SOHO has a second floor where you could explore what feels great on your skin.

      There are a lot of branches that you may book. But images here were taken in SOHO where their luxury spa is at. I just visited them mid-August and chatted with one of their friendly staff and she was more than willing to tour us around. she even reminded us to go to the second floor to enjoy a free facial service or a make over. Upon trying a product, you may use this #Selfie mirror.

      Contact no.: (852) 3915-0638 Email address: [email protected]. The rest of the details like adding bath bombs, bubble bars, facial cleansers and fresh facial masks into the package you choose, visit their website. It features the price for every additional fun you want to add to your event.

    • CHALK

      Neon paints were provided.
      We ate at the roof top and I find it breezy and relaxing on there.

      Located between Post 97 and Master House, CHALK provides both an indoor studio and a cool rooftop/outdoor setting for a color-filled neon party.CHALK doesn’t serve alcohol. Their studio has a cool policy that goes “Bring your own booze!” (BYOB)!!! This way, the private party you have in mind is within your control in terms of guests, alcohol and fun. If you forgot to order alcohol, you can just drop by at Marlin’s, have 10 shots, then just come back up with a more confident mood.

      This is what’s cool about CHALK, they don’t impose corkage fee when you bring your own booze. That means, no limit in bringing your own booze. In addition, if you want arrangements to be made for your drinks to be delivered to CHALK to escape all the hustle, you can just alert their staff through email. They will communicate with you through email  upon booking reservations are made. All rules will be based on the party organiser when it comes to payment.

      In addition to the drinks, they don’t serve food as well. My friend’s birthday was held here just last mid-July. He brought a lot of food which their staff was more than willing to help out with in serving it. But he had to order it outside. May I suggest UBEReats for this one so that you won’t get tired in bringing it all the way to the 5th floor (based on experience). They work by affiliation so they actually have discounts with other nearby restaurants. They will allow you direct links to them through their email (again).

      Unfortunately, they don’t have wheelchair access.

      Beer Pong is one of the many outdoor games you can play in CHALK while enjoying your music, booze and the breeze!


      The package of HK$5,000 for a minimum of 20 people sets an amount of HK$250 for each person to pay. This price is for the usage of venue. Again, there’s nothing consumable with this price except the unlimited Shisha sessions. If your private event does not consist that number of people, the deal still closes at HK$5,000 for 3 hours of venue usage and HK$6,000 for 4  hours. Planning to extend for an extra hour on the day of the event? A flat rate of HK$2000 will be charged. However, this is not a guaranteed hour. Bookings may clash with one another. Under any circumstance, the earliest booking will be honoured. These terms and regulations will further be italized once you email them of a proposed date for your party.

      A deposit of HK$500 should be done to reserve your proposed date as long as it is available. You’ll be informed of the time slots available for you. Upon deposit of the down payment, e-mail them asap. No e-mail, no date will be reserved. The package includes: use of UV accessories, UV chalk, UV Paint, UV gear, glassware, plates and forks, games use of venue (beerpong table, flipcups, dice, card game), fun glow masks, basic art tools and use of our venue for a 3-hour of 4-hour time slot. 


      Operating Hours: 6:00pm – 9:00pm / 7:00pm – 10:00pm / 8:00pm – 11:00pm / 9:00pm – 12:00 am / 10:00pm – 1:00 am / 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
      A giant jenga is a great challenge for everybody

      The Black Light room experience starts with accessories, paints, and the walls are covered with blackboard. You may write special messages using neon or glow-in-the-dark chalk. There are also accessories in neon colours that could pump up the party anytime, anyhow. Folks, don’t forget to come on white shirts. Because, apart from these accessories, you can decorate your white shirt with neon paint. If you failed to come on something white, you can buy a quality shirt worth HK$50 only from the Chalk people. Black light is always fun to experience if you are wearing something not dark in color.

      Along with the unlimited Shisha sessions, they give personal pipe covers for the part of the hose that touches the mouth so it’s pretty sanitary. Just remember to keep your own as you take a hit and don’t leave it attached as courtesy to the next user. It’s best to do this by the rooftop. We went there on an awfully rainy day. But Wilson, one of their main guys, tried to hold the roof together and we were able to make it to safety. It’s pretty cool to hang out up there if it doesn’t rain cats and dogs. You can play dice, beer pong and flip cup in this area while listening to cool music and drinking.

      A shout out to Winston and his crew who helped us a lot and who had assured we had a great time from beginning ’til the end!

The CHALK party venue can hold 60 people comfortably altogether. 

There’s also henna tattoo artist that could offer you a fun decorative glow-in-the-dark tattoo. I liked being creative that night and I loved writing a personal message for my friend. You may want to consider this venue to document a snapchat story that I’m sure your followers would find worthy to watch out of curiosity.

Log on to www.chalkparty.hk for more details. Allow yourself to be kids again by letting go of yourself in terms of play, creation and just being yourself.


Not only billiard tables complete this venue. There’s also, darts and these foosballs.

I am a sucker for activities when I go out. But besides going clubbing and dancing, why won’t you try to hang out at Joe’s Billiards and Bar for a change?

Challenge your friends with a friendly competition of darts? Whoever loses, drinks and so on. There are tables for beer pong as well, tables of foosball, and around 5-6 billiard tables. It’s always good to umph up a drinking game through these sporty venues anyway. This one I suggest for birthday celebrations that is expecting a huge crowd. Give your guests something to do and play.

You pay per game of billiards. Dart machines work like how you book bowling alleys. It gets crazy once competition gets intense., A group of dart players rudely hushed us the last time we were there for a good friend of mine’s birthday celebration. They were betting on their game and they wanted their team to be able to focus. I guess that’s a bit on Joe’s because they made the beer pong tables too near to the dart machines.

Their staff personnel too talk little English. Since a lot of tourists and expats come here in Tsim Sha Tsui, communication is a must to be achieved. You may have a bottle of beer or two with a price of HK$200-to HK$400 for a good night at Joe’s. This amount includes the experience of playing the billiards (depending on the number of people you’ll share the bill with), dice, foosball and darts. You can just sit and relax from the sides and have a chitchat while you support on the players if you feel like taking your time amidst it all.

The one we went to was in Tsim Sha Tsui, 11-12/F, 1 Knutsford Terrace. They accommodate reservations through 31881010. It got a cozy interior, and are open daily from 3pm to 5am. Joe Billiard’s and Bar accept payment through cash and the following cards: Visa, MasterCard and AE. Apple Pay is also accepted.


  • W PALACE for Kids’ Party Venue

I’m switching right now to mommy mode.

W Palace is the venue you are looking for if you’re a parent and you’re limited with space in planning your kids’ birthday party, .

It is a 2,000 ft. wide of a pillarless place. Your kids can run, play and enjoy themselves for good 3 hours for a fair price of HK$44/child during weekdays and HK$59/child on weekends.

This price includes a lot of free amenities such as: inflatable slides, toy vehicles, pool of balls, nursery/diaper room, pseudo kitchen and many more. They have catering services with a bit of price per head adjustments. Located atop a high-grade building in Kwai Chung, it is perfect. It is also accessible to public transport.

I planned on booking this for my daughter’s birthday party but one week was not enough to make a reservation. It was not available anymore on the day of her birthday. That was one week prior. Sharing this fab find to the parents out there may find the price reasonable like me. They have everything and the place looked neat and safe for kids.

Capacity of the venue is 80 standing and 60 seated. It’s best for kiddie parties like birthday celebration, baptismal celebration, 100th day or a baby shower. It gives a feeling of a home with the vibe and natural light its interior allows to set in. There’s enough space in the nursery room to move so Moms with newborns find it more than relaxing. On-site parking is available as well for ease in stroller transport.


Hong Kong residential houses don’t have much space, we all know that. With just 3 families inside, you may consider it crowded. Also, cleaning up after a party is the hardest to do. Once it’s finished, putting it away is always a problem because there’s just not enough storage for all of them. Well mommies and daddies, this is our answer.

W Palace doesn’t just allow usage of their toys and venue with the small fee per head. They have catering and you can bring your own booze without any corkage fee to pay. Decorate that long table according to the theme you have in mind. I’m sure, it’s going to be fun!

If you need help with catering services, they have contacts on both Asian and Western catering services.

The potential of this place is limitless because of the huge space, safe corners and floors and BYOB terms and regulations. The real place is at Unit B, 22/F, Reason Group Tower, 403 Castle Peak Rd, Kwai Chung, N.T. Kwai Chung is just three stations away from Tsuen Wan and two stations away from Lai King. You go down at Kwai Hing and then you can check out this website for the details.

Parties depend greatly on where you’re going to set it. I hope these venues could serve you well. If there are other places you want for me to check or write about, let me know through the comments below.

You might want to make use of this DIY printable too. I have made this for my baby shower 3 years ago.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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