La Galerie hosts a Pop Up Shop for products that are not just stylish but are also organic.

  • Fashionistas know the power of a unique piece in turning a get-up into something outstanding.

  • Stylists know the importance of the materials to use in making a piece extraordinary. But the stylists that graced the Pop Up understood the importance of preserving resources. Their style ethics urge you to be real in all ways.

  • They use the internet to feature products online and to make global purchase possible.

Located at 74 Hollywood St., Hong Kong is La Galerie


They have used crocodile skin on the purses and wallets with the red one. And the wallets in baby colors lying on the table are synthetic. Inspiration on this is from around the world and each glassware reflects different personalities.

You can pull your own style with minimal cost if you know the importance of a statement piece. A statement piece breaks the minimal look of an outfit into something personal, probably outrageous, but unique. This way, it makes it irresistibly attractive. It is important to keep its intention of leaving a subliminal remembrance but remaining not too loud.


At the Pop-Up Show, almost all the products are statement pieces because of the delicate design each product has. Ika Butoni’s clothes were piped with a special kind of material including polyester not only by its edges but on the bodice as well. Ika’s designs are known for its flow yet edgy look over all. With her inspired mood each time, she is able to come up with trendy designs. As a matter of fact, her latest designs would remind you of the costumes at the latest season of TV hit series Game of Thrones.

Ika Butoni Limited offer its one-of-a-kind creation at the Pop Up Show
Butoni Limited had just released this line of clothes at CENTRESTAGE, at the BRANDS’ Collection Fashion Show 2017


I encountered Kenny Li’s “collar” projects from CENTRESTAGE Fashion Convention last September 6, 2017. His display attracted me because it was trendy, unique and advanced. With his passion in creating something out of nothing, I was drawn. Particularly his statement collar necklaces that are irresistibly stylish, they can leave a statement in a snap!

I have a lot of respect with his craft because it intends on saving as much resources as he can. So many products today are massively produced. The sawdust from these projects become rubbish.

With Kenny’s remarkable creative capabilities, he is able to transform this sawdust into something that is worth your attention.

This necklace was made up of remaining cutoffs from the jeans they were working on.

A simple blouse or tank top can certainly be noticeable with the neck collar pieces he made offering designs like no other. It specifically gives a powerful layer with the instant royal feel it gives the wearer.

“When you put something around your neck, it not only emphasizes character but it puts your head (where you wear a crown) on a high-level pedestal.”, says the stylist himself upon being interviewed of his collection called FAVE.

In addition to the magnificent collar pieces, Kenny is known for his versatile sweaters where its wearable in two ways. You can wear some inside out and you can wear some sweaters in two styles. Zipped and unzipped…. literally.

with Kenny Li at the CENTRESTAGE Fashion Convention last September 6, 2017.


If you are interested to read more about FAVEbyKennyLi, or have a closer look of different collar designs, check his website out:


Now one of the most sought after product that surely features class A branding of products is Ril Kreed. Johanna, who is business partners with a Japanese owner explained, “We wanted to make use of leather cut-offs initially and it led us to thinking and preserving it by making a product out of it.” This is the product I actually love the most. Since I am a writer, my laptop and phone are my on-the-go possessions. I bring them with me almost all the time and having a stylish bag to protect it is just what I need.

Here are Ril Creed’s matching clutch purse and laptop bags that gives you that stylish edge even if you are being functionally up and about.

Polyester keeps your gadgets secure. It’s soft, light and easy to clean. The picture alone couldn’t give it justice. Have a feel while supplies last at La Galerie, 74 Hollywood St., Hong Kong.


Bamboo scaffolding add up to Hong Kong’s rubbish after being used in building different establishments.

The one I am most impressed about as far as improvisation is concerned, is the Erth Company. What’s so great about their product? Basically, they are featuring shoes that are made up of recycled bamboo scaffolding. Yes, you read it right! Bamboo scaffolding!

Hong Kong is quite famous for its skyscrapers. What spectators don’t know is that Hong Kong is pretty traditional that they still use bamboo scaffolding which is a century old of building establishments. As a result, these bamboos add up to the landfill of rubbish.

Angus Ko, explained that this drove them to establish the Erth Company. It is a start-up green lifestyle company based in Hong Kong funded in 2017. Their first campaign in Kickstarter as they launched Bam-on is more than promising because of the simple mission it carries: “To create products that make Earth a better place for all of us.”
So what happens is, The Erth Company collects these bamboos. They clean them, disinfect them and laminates them into becoming the sole of the shoes. That’s why it’s called, Bam-on”.

Shifting my gears into choosing being an entrepreneur made me more motivated than ever. And knowing that I am helping mother earth by spreading the advocacy of making a change in terms of consumerism, it makes me believe more on my product.”, says Angus Ko.

Watch this video of what this product aims to actually make.


If you are interested to be part of this project, fund them through Kickstarter. Realise that you could treat this support as a donation to making our mother earth greener through Bam-on.

Our products have a lot to offer as far as comfort is concerned. It is organic, breathable and makes odourless slip-ons possible. Apart from it being organic and all, it is made up of bamboo, canvas and rubber. Guaranteed, there’s no touch of leather which ensures no animals were harmed in its creation. – Angus Ko

Angus Ko embraces entrepreneurship with Bam-ons, a revamped style of using recycled bamboos in making his shoes.

Our company name misses the ‘a’ to be spelled as e”a”rth to ignite interest from the people. It gives it a certain edge with its spelling because of its uniqueness but it attaches us to mother earth which is the biggest why of the project.”, explains Angus when asked about the company name’s ambiguity.


Bamboo bike worth HK$12,000

Another set of products that prove bamboo has many uses are BAMBOA products.

Julia Washbourne launched Bamboa Home in 2008. Bamboa’s mission is to offer beautiful products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource.

She, along with Angus, understands how sustainable bamboo is as a resource for quality products to give efficient performance. While Angus uses bamboos for the sole of shoes, Julia transforms it into bed sheets, bath towels, kitchen wares and textile products like t-shirts and underwear. There are special products also like bamboo bike and sunglasses.

While a lot of people think that bamboo is just a tree, it is grass and it is one of the fastest growing plant. There are 1,000 species of bamboo grass where a lot of products could be derived and made from. There are 1.5 million lives that are greatly dependent on a livelihood out of it and this drove the mission of Julia into establishing Bamboa. It doesn’t only choose to be an environment-friendly company but also, a helpful one to these people who may find a hard time landing a job apart from bamboo harvesting.

It is truly a privilege to have seen and felt these products. Moreover, having talked to their creators and founders gave me a sense of fulfilment. I got to meet not just entrepreneurs and stylists but soldiers for the mother earth. Even without the product, their drive in putting their business out there is inspiring.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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