Wet, wet, wet!!!! This is all that we can think of when the Hong Kong Summer strikes. As the hottest temperature recorded reached 36 degrees Celsius, Hongkies are worried on how often this will happen. But replace being worried with something fun because with Disney’s Carnivale of Stars, Make a Splash Parade, the more there is a reason to party! A water party!!!!!

Remedies of surviving a very hot weather include indulging on a cold lemonade, swimming and just staying at home to avoid the sun. NOT!!!!!! Why waste a beautiful summer on that?

Male Emcee, together with a Cantonese speaking female leads the crowd into whole lot of fun. Giving English and Cantonese instructions for choreography simultaneously.

Yesterday, Hong Kong Disneyland brought out characters that you’ve never seen before to be part of the coolest summer parade ever!

Pixar Water Play Street Party counters the heat by turning into a dance celebration. With Sadness herself joining the fun, there’s no reason not to visit the park for your own heat relief! Join them as they shout, “Wet, wet, wet!!!!” Do bring a dry set of clothes because this doesn’t just involve dancing. You will also get splashed and sprinkled at of water! If you prefer to stay dry, fun extends to the ones who are at the dry zones.

The Incredibles’ Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible together with Frozone jiggles on their cool mobile platforms for this water play party!

Pixar stars from Inside Out, Toy Story, Up and The Incredibles is hosting a “Let’s get wet!” street party. Together with a whole new gang parading a sporty, fresh and colourful look to embrace the summer, embrace the celebration starting from yesterday all the way to September 2,. In line with the Moana show that was launched last month celebrating her homecoming and “We Love Mickey” Projection Show, the park fills up the gap resulting from a castle being renovated and absence of the dreamy fireworks. Nonetheless, the fun endures until the evening closing the park with Disney’s Paint-the-Night Parade.

What are you waiting for? Bring your family and join the fun. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers worthy packages including Disney hotel lodging for you to fully enjoy your time making memories at.


I Value My Life is not at all directly involved with Hong Kong Disneyland and any other Disneyland Theme Parks or Resorts’ Sales and Marketing Operations. This post was written with the sole intent of sharing information. The act information dissemination is for families looking for a holiday destination.


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