When it comes to relationships, nobody is an expert. Halfway of something that I write about it, most of the time stays as a draft because, hey! Who am I to preach? Mine is continuous work up too if I may be honest. I guess it’s just right to say that all of us have our own struggles when it comes to relationships. But there is something that Paulo Coelho had shared in his book, “Adultery”, that somehow may enlighten whichever relationship we hold dear to our hearts. That one with your mom, spouse or friend.

I believe that LOVE is the greatest force. And that it is always the source of something you call “good”. When it feels right, when it gives out something right, when you can exhale “Heaven…” for what’s its worth, that’s it. But I also believe that it doesn’t stand alone. Finally, I got hold of its composition.

According to the mentioned book, love is in its abundance when its composition of many virtues was fulfilled. You see, light, it is not just the ‘white’ that you see. Its abundance, when it passes water, refracts the light into, a prism of colours, hence, the rainbow. Now, love, goes by the same principle by its definition in the Bible. Let’s look at what composes the prism of love:

PATIENCE: Love is patient…

KINDNESS: …. and kind.

GENEROSITY: Love does not envy…

HUMILITY: … or boast

COURTESY: … or rude.

UNSELFISHNESS: It does not insist on its own way.

GOOD TEMPER: It is not irritable… or resentful.

GUILELESSNESS: or resentful

SINCERITY: It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth

Love as defined in 1st Corinthians 13: 4-7, the Bible

This is the catchy follow-up to the list: The book identified, “The problem is that people tend to relate these traits to the Love of God, but how does God’s love manifest itself? Through the love of man.” (p.124, “Adultery” by Paulo Coelho)

That being said, here is a simple list of values every relationship should own. While there is no perfect relationship, love defies all imperfections. And these values compose the energy it exudes. If one of these is actually dull in colour (meaning absent or lacks fulfilment) then love just isn’t possible to be called so. Balance each and harmony will come about. And this also goes for a more personal note.

Setting aside the topic, the author, Paulo Coelho does it again presenting a woman’s side en pointe! As for being a critic, I am astounded with how he does it each time, illustrating a woman’s psyche. Depression is ever-present, similar to the rest of his books, but this one was written so simply that it gives out the message crisp and loud. I rate it with 4 out of 5 stars.

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