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Introducing, Wave, the newest Filipina super heroine armored with Kampilan, the weapon that Lapu Lapu triumphed with against Magellan! Yes! You read it right! Marvel is proud to announce that she is coming out on May 8 saving the Earth/Midgard.

After I wrote a recent post, “The Women to Follow this 2019“, I felt a bit of regret for not knowing about this earlier. I should have included her in the list.

As she is bound to be released officially by MARVEL Comics in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1, comic spectators can’t help but talk about WAVE.

  • For the first time, she appears along Chinese heroes, Aero and Sword Master, as Amadeus Cho reassembles his “protectors” to save the world from incineration.
  • Cho, leading a ragtag team of heroes, defended the Earth from an alien invasion before. But can he do it again?
  • The first comics for the 4-series World of the Realms will be issued on May 8, 2019 — The War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas Issue #1 — have put out teasers showing an encounter between Aero and Wave over disturbances in the seas sensed by the Filipina heroine 5,000 miles off Philippines coast.


Wave sporting a smooth black hair, the familiar big black eyes and brown skin.

WAVE, the new Filipina Marvel superheroine, is originally from Cebu. Presented by filmmaker and Marvel comic book writer Greg Pak on a dispute with Aero, the Chinese superheroine (originally from Shanghai) whose real name goes as Lei King and who controls air.  Both felt a disturbance so rushing to it made the two face each other.

As drawn, WAVE’s costume shows similar colors that Far Eastern University owns: green and golden-yellow. Completing the look holds two sword-like weapons, believed to be similar to kampilan.

A bit of history goes back in 1521 when Lapu-lapu had won over Ferdinand Magellan stripping him off of his governance of Mactan. And now, Wave is sporting two of it in addition to her water-based powers.


GREG PAK tweeted about the great artwork of @leinilyu for the stunning design and @sunnygho for the colors. LEINIL FRANCIS YU is a Filipino comic book artist while SUNNY GHO is an Indonesian colorist and a cover artist.

Greg Pak wrote the first issue of WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1. He is a filmmaker and MARVEL comics writer who collaborated with Gang-Hyuk Lim for the art and Billy Tan for the cover.

Greg made “a mysterious new Filipina heroine” out of Wave last month. And as he unveils her, attributes like the brown skin with the thick black wavy hair made fans go “ooohhh!”


The first issue is set in Asia. The stories feature the New Agents of Atlas led by Korean American superhero, Amadeus Cho (aka Brawn, previously the Hulk).

Wave comprises the team side by side with Chinese Kung Fu master, Shang-Chi, Korean-American heroine Silk and SHIELD agent, Jimmy Woo. Moreover, Chinese heroes Aero and Sword Master completes it.

Editor, Will mass, shared in Marvel’s website that “War of the Realms” will be joined by the heroes from “X-Men: Wolverine”, “Fantastic Four” and the “Avengers” to fight Malekith, the King of Dark Elves. All of these superheroes come together to stop him from conquering all realms including Midgard or Earth.


Lovi Poe can give justice to Wave with that hair, fine Filipina features and golden brown skin.

I am truly excited and proud that Marvel added a new female superhero in its line of amazing femme fatale defenders against evil.

Her skin tone undeniably represents! Her superpowers, coming from water, is brilliant considering Philippines is surrounded with great bodies of water. Since it’s composed of 7,641 islands, it just makes sense. I also like the idea that she is out to protect the environment.

I am looking at the figure and I was wondering who could represent WAVE in the movie scenes? Initially, I thought of Anne Curtis. But probably, if more series will come and several movies will be made, they should consider a younger actress. Here are my three prospects which I hope Leinil Yu will consider after Angel Locsin announced that she’s done doing superhero roles despite his personal preference for her.

Liza Soberano?

Julia Barretto?

Lovi Poe?

Those are my top 3, what’s yours?


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