HK Disney encourages guests to be part of the castle’s mosaic!


Today at Hong Kong Disneyland, I noticed a QR Code that surrounds the partition covering the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Out of curiosity, I found myself scanning it. It led me to this fantastic #CreateADisneyCastle mosaic…

… which will take you approximately 3 minutes to do!

For my #DIYMonday, here’s something cool for you to do!

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Give your best smile to the mosaic to share the fondness you have for the park. The joy it brings, the magic it gives, let your picture reflect how Disney had made you feel.

This is the interface that you will see upon submission.
Walt Disney


Instructions are available in English and Chinese. As you enter your photo, you will be asked of your name, relationship to the person in the photo and your e-mail address. Make this the most accurate one as this is your vantage point in accessing your mosaic from hundreds of entries.

Two things you need to prepare:

  1. Your QR Code reader via mobile
  2. Your picture to enter.

Three ways on how to join:

  1. Simply share a photo taken in front of a Disney Princess scene or a photo taken in the park on Instagram or Weibo with the hashtag #CreateADisneyCastle.
  2. Scan the QR code displayed at the Central Plaza (located straight down the Main Street from the entrance) and upload your photo to the activity website and fill up the information interface.

You can share it in your social media afterwards for your family and friends to participate in as well.


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